City Mouse, Country Mouse

THOUGH HE WAS RAISED on the 12th floor of a high-rise, this New York City boy grew deep musical roots.

At 16, he learned his first chords on his mom’s vintage Gibson, playing along with her Pete Seeger and Leadbelly LPs. In high school, he was the oddball with the western shirt and boots, listening to Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly.

In the '90s, singer-songwriters like Joe Ely, John Hiatt, and Bruce Cockburn gave him a vision for making songs that would move people deeply. Harry has played cafes, coffeehouses, and street festivals in New York, the Southwest, and New England. 

He's been blessed to live in Western Massachusetts since 2008.



Nameless Coffeehouse, Harvard Square

Luthier’s Co-op, Easthampton, MA

Valley Free Radio 103.3

Ana Bandeira Chocolate Cafe, Northampton, MA

Colonial Inn Open Mic feature, Concord, MA

Undercroft Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA

Mystic River Music Festival, Watertown, MA

New England Country Fare, Holbrook, MA

Heart of the Arts Festival, Arlington, MA

Calvary United Church, Arlington, MA

St. Peter’s Church Picnic Festival, Cambridge, MA

Main Street BookEnds, Warner, NH

Borders, Providence, RI

Music at Noon, Swedenborg Chapel, Cambridge, MA

New Song Folk Club, East Bridgewater, MA

Rhythm & Muse, Jamaica Plain, MA

Education First School, Boston, MA

Nichols College, Dudley, MA

Old Santa Fe Trail Books, Santa Fe, NM

Calico Cafe, Santa Fe, NM

Cafe Tazza, Taos, NM